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Contractor Competency Evaluation

Safe Life Training Ltd can undertake competency assessments on behalf of Clients by obtaining and reviewing the necessary documentation from contractors, designers and/or consultants, thereby assisting the Client to meet their legal responsibilities.

Under CDM2007, this is a two stage process:

Stage One

Demonstration of general competency, looking primarily at the Company Policy, Organisation and Arrangements.

Stage Two

Demonstration of project-specific experience, once a company is appointed to site.

Stage One Evaluation Procedure

  • Safe Life contact companies directly for documentation, which is reviewed by competent and experienced personnel
  • A database is maintained for stage one competency assessments detailing the adequacy/status of each item of documentation for each company, to provide an indication of overall competency
  • This enables Clients to select stage one pre-approved companies to tender
  • Access to the database is available 24/7 to Clients via Safe Life website, and a report is posted or emailed each month to the relevant Director
  • In addition to the stage one assessment, Safe Life also request copies of all relevant insurance at no additional cost

Benefits of Outsourcing Competency Evaluation

Outsourcing the competency evaluation of all contractors, designers and/or consultants to Safe Life enables:

  • Impartial evaluation
  • Evaluation to be undertaken by qualified Health and Safety Professionals
  • Your employee to work more productively in their main job role
  • All records to be held at a central location
  • Key evaluation details to be available to key personnel as and when required via this website

Supplementary Information

Clients own in-house forms (e.g. questionnaire) can be used upon request to form part of the vetting process, thereby integrating into the existing company documentation and procedures. Please note this may incur an additional charge.

Competency assessment of subcontractors, principal contractor and designers and consultants are available.

Please contact us for more details.